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Low Speed EV Battery
    Low speed electric vehicle LSEV is a new energy vehicle at speed about 25mph between golf cart and car or automobiles, more comfort and safer than golf cart, also more economical and smarter than automobiles, it’s a new ideal choice for city-in daily travel or short distance travel.

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Standard Lineup

Nominal voltage 51.2V and 60V as typical nominal voltage

Capacity from 12Ah ~ 42Ah for shot and long-range mileage

Standard BMS with options for charging and discharging current (subject to engineering approval)



Built-in intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) for battery protection from overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent and over-temperature

Safest lithium chemistry with high energy density

Efficient & long-lasting service life

Durable metal sheet enclosure

Plug & play replacement


Custom Manufacturing
Battery is built as of requirement from cells selection, BMS to structure and appearance

Engineering & manufacturing support such as from consultation, material souring to cost control